Owner and photograper: June Jiang

Biography & Info

June is a freelance photographer specialized in Portraits and Weddings. She is based in the western suburb of Chicago. She is accredited by the world prestigious WPJA as a wedding journalist. June is also a member of Fearless Photographer, a worldwide group of the most creative and talented wedding photographers.

Born in a small Tibetan village in China, the harmony of sky, earth, and the livings in Tibet greatly influenced her photographic style later on, which seeks the harmony among subject, environment,design, and moment.

Commissioned by Smartpress.com, June has been publishing numerous articles about photography, offering hands-on tips and  inspiration to a broader audience.

To learn more about June, please check out this interview by Smartpress.com. Read more about her personal projects: Photography Inspiration – Snapshots of Life

  • Wedding photography service starts at $1700.
  • Business headshots, talent comp cards, and portraits(baby, kid, senior, family) services are offered.

                                                                             There is beauty in every person
                                                                 Their inner beauty shows through my lenses 

I photograph people
I pour my heart and soul into making art out of the ordinary

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